29th International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing

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How to be a speaker at SURCAR CONGRESS ?

Become a speaker by submitting a Call for papers before December 12th (download the form by clicking up right)

Who is eligible?

SURCAR is where experts meet and exchange on car body finishing (manufacturing, assembly, surface treatment and coating). If you and your team have had recent key technological developments, new results, improved and innovative techniques in terms of cost-saving, flexible processes, productivity and sustainability then SURCAR is for you!
Speakers comprise of top international car manufacturers and suppliers as well as recognized research institutions.

How are the papers selected?

Papers are evaluated and assembled by a high-level International Committee composed of major OEMs and suppliers. Using the information in the form you will have filled in, they will assess its industrial relevance and contribution to the Industry.
It is therefore crucial for your form to be filled in with key details in each section. Focus will be on tests results, figures, applicability and benefits. Commercial presentations must be avoided and joint presentations OEM/supplier are preferred.

Benefits of being a SURCAR speaker

You’ll be able to talk to an international audience of decision-makers and experts in automotive body painting (car manufacturers, suppliers of surface treatments, sealants and paints as well as equipment and application facilities manufacturers, etc.) from over 25 countries.
By presenting a topic at SURCAR, you are eligible to a SURCAR Award! At the end of the two-day conference, the SURCAR committee will reward the best presentations and present three prizes: the Jury’s Award, the Award for Innovation and the Award for Technique.
ONLY 20 chosen speakers will have the opportunity to present at SURCAR. So please be aware that many high-quality proposals may regretfully have to be declined.

Session Format Overview

- Each speaker of the session will have 20 to 30 minutes to present his/her contribution (depending on the number of speakers)
- Presentations can be in English or Chinese. Translation English/Chinese will be provided onsite

Questions to consider before submitting your proposal

- Who is the target audience?
- What new information will be provided and what will the audience learn from my presentation?
- What session does my proposed topic best fit into?
- In submitting a paper you agree to make yourself available to present it at any slot that the committee chooses, from the congress’ opening to the congress’ ending (2 days of conferences).

SURCAR Shanghai 2017 suggested topics

1.Environmental protection / Energy savings / Regulation compliance
- New regulations in China: what can we learn? What should be anticipated? How to adapt?
- Renewable energies, new paint materials …
- New Paint Line Design and Build / Renovate and Modify for new Processes/Products…

2.New technological / market trends
- Technical trends: latest pretreatment technologies, water-borne technology….
- Market trends: Tutone, Multicolour painting, economical changes, Luxury versus Low Cost, differences between European and Asian markets….
- Follow-up session: What Developments, Modifications and Results from New Technologies presented at SURCAR 2014 / 2015?

3.Industry 4.0. / Smart factory
- Industry 4.0.: What is it about? What’s new?
- How to use 4.0. to help maintenance and reduce costs: audit from a distance…
- How to use 4.0. to benefit from increased automation: how facilitate operations…
- How to use 4.0. to improve energy and environmental impact…

These topics are for general guidance. If you have a paper that does not fit any suggested topic, you can still send it, to be studied by the organization.