29th International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing

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GEICOTAIKI-SHA is platinum partners of Surcar Congress 2018.

Geico Spa
In alliance with Taikisha Ltd.
Via Pelizza da Volpedo 109/111
tel. +39 02 660221- fax +39 02 66022310
info@geicotaikisha.com – www.geicotaikisha.com

Geico is a global supplier of turnkey coating systems for leading car manufacturers all around the world. Its origins go back to the Italian division of Carrier Drysys, founded in 1905. Bought out by Giuseppe Neri in 1976, it has been called Geico Spa since.
Originally the exclusive property of the Gecofin Group, it was later jointly owned with other multinationals, including first Haden and then the Fiat-Comau Group. In 2005 Ali Reza Arabnia, the son-in-law of founder Giuseppe Neri, took Geico over from the Fiat Group, becoming its Chairman and Managing Director.
In 2011, Geico signed an alliance with the Japanese Taikisha, asserting its leadership in car coating systems in all national markets, with the exception of Japan and Korea, where the Japanese partner remains the leader. Today the Geico Taikisha Group is a global market leader, with a 1.8 billion dollar turnover, 5,000 employees and 50 offices in 28 countries all over the world and 6 manufacturing units. It counts among its clients the leading international car manufacturing companies.
Geico, with its great industrial tradition, has always carried out a policy of constant research, development and innovation, which has allowed it to provide its clients with the best, most competitive, and environmentally-friendly technology solutions.
A strong ethical sense informs the behaviour, both internal and external, of the company. Loyalty, Honesty, Consistency, Determination and Passion are the values that have always inspired Geico and have allowed the company to meet the key expectations of clients in the respect of people, communities and the environment.