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Automobile industry China

Automobile industry China is soutien of Surcar Congress 2018.

Automobile Industry-China” magazine is published and distributed by Beijing Vogel Consulting Co., Ltd (VCC) and supported by China Automobile Industry Association and Beijing Machinery Industry Information and Publications. VCC is a joint venture set up in 1996 by Vogel Media Group, a German company with a history of more than one hundred years and China Machine Press, a Chinese publishing house with a history of over 50 years.
“Automobile Industry-China” is the Chinese edition of the international magazine “Automobil Industrie”, which is published by the German Vogel Media Group. As the unique domestic industry magazine facing OEM and suppliers, “Automobile Industry” started to cooperate with Gardner Publishing Group of U.S. in 2006. At present, there are three magazines under the brand of AI: AI “Process and Equipment”, AI “Automobile Parts” and AI “Automobile Plastics”."