29th International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing

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2018 Congress Key Topics

Main drivers for the Car Body Finishing Industry in Asia

1. Changes in Technology impact the Paint Process:
• Industry 4.0 (Big Data analytics, Business Intelligence…)
• How Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence Technology will change the Paint Process
• The impact of Digital Modelling and simulation on Design of and Production in the Paintshop

2. How will a Paintshop look in 5-10 years from now?
• Which Paints, Substrates, Films or other materials will be used?
• Where do we direct our R&D for the next 10 years?

3. How Car Body Design can take into account the car coating and improve Appearance and Quality

4. New Technology and Equipment improve and facilitate Two Tone and Special Color Painting

5. How New Regulations (Global, National and Environmental) and Consumer Requirements are changing the Paint Process?
• Environmental Issues: Air and Water Quality in Paintshop, benchmarking of solutions to reduce Air and Water consumption and increase Recycling
• Regulations Compliance: New Regulations in China, effects of the changes for the Environmental issues with Paint Facilities
• Environmental restrictions impact on Paint Application.

6. What are the latest Developments and Techniques on Paint materials and Processes to attain the best Paint Finish Quality?

7. New Substrates - How do we guarantee Quality with changing and multiple Substrates for new vehicles
• How to ensure the compatibility between the paint materials, multiple substrates and bonding materials
• How to paint and cure a multiple substrate car body on the same Production Paint line
• How to deal with the future body materials and outsourced sub-assemblies (e.g. Solar Panel Roof ……..)

8. Performance in Installing, upgrading and starting up New or Renovated Paintshops
• How to target capital expenditure
• How to reduce the schedule